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Vicki Neville and Beth Underhill

Mon/ Wed/ Fri:

Stacey Piotrowski and Nancy Fitzgerald


Misty Kuehn and Meg Fogle


This program is designed for students who are 3 years old by the end of September. For many students this is their first opportunity to be with peers in not only a developmentally appropriate class, but an academic/ instructional program as well. The students in this class work on strengthening their social emotional development, fine motor skills, and we begin to introduce activities which promote phonological awareness. This is a fun and active class incorporating music & movement, art, storytelling, creative play and small and large group activities to introduce and/or reinforce all the skills being taught.

This program consists of a three, 3 or 4-day a week options giving families the opportunity of enrolling in either the M-TH, M/W/F, or the T/TH/F program. The classes meet from 9:30a.m.-12:30p.m. All children in this program must turn three by September 30, 2021. Students entering the 3’s program need to be potty trained. The student to teacher ratio in each of the 3’s classes is 15:2.

Please call or email the preschool office if you would like additional information about our 3's class